Hesitate Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of Hesitate synonyms, another word for Hesitate, Example Sentences with Hesitate and Antonyms for Hesitate.

Hesitate is a word that often finds its way into our daily conversations. It’s a term that reflects a momentary pause, uncertainty, or reluctance to take action. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the meaning of hesitate, explore its historical origins, and uncover alternative words that convey a similar sentiment.

Hesitate describes the act of momentarily pausing or showing reluctance when making a decision or taking action. For example, when someone is asked to speak in front of a large audience, they might hesitate before stepping onto the stage, feeling a mix of nervousness and uncertainty.

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Source: English As A Second Language

Origin and History of “Hesitate”

The word hesitate has its roots in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word “haesitare,” which means “to stick” or “to cling.” Over time, this Latin term evolved into “hesitatus” and eventually entered the English language as “hesitate.” The word’s historical connotations of clinging or sticking suggest a sense of reluctance or delay in moving forward.

Real-World Examples of Hesitate

Hesitate is a common phenomenon in various real-world scenarios. Here are two examples where individuals might find themselves hesitating:

  1. Job Interview: During a job interview, candidates might hesitate when asked a challenging question. This brief pause allows them to gather their thoughts and formulate a thoughtful response.
  2. Crossing the Street: Pedestrians often hesitate before crossing a busy street. They wait for a safe gap in traffic before proceeding, demonstrating caution and concern for their safety.

List of Hesitate Synonyms (Another Word for Hesitate)

Here is the list of Hesitate Synonyms:

  • Pause: Signifies a momentary stop or break in action.
  • Waver: Describes indecision or fluctuation in one’s resolve.
  • Dilly-dally: Reflects a tendency to procrastinate or waste time.
  • Halt: Suggests a sudden stop or interruption in progress.
  • Vacillate: Implies indecisiveness or wavering between choices.
  • Stall: Describes a delay in taking action or making a decision.
  • Hitch: Signifies a temporary obstacle or hesitation in movement.
  • Balk: Reflects an unwillingness to proceed or a sudden resistance.
  • Flounder: Suggests struggling or hesitating in an uncertain situation.
  • Teeter: Describes a precarious or unsteady pause, often before a fall.

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List of Antonyms for Hesitate

Here is the list of of opposite words for Hesitate:

  • Decide: Signifies reaching a conclusion or making a choice without hesitation.
  • Act: Describes taking immediate or decisive action.
  • Proceed: Implies moving forward without delay or reluctance.
  • Advance: Reflects progress or forward movement without hindrance.
  • Commit: Suggests dedicating oneself fully to a course of action.
  • Resolute: Describes firm determination and unwavering resolve.
  • Forge: Signifies moving ahead with determination and purpose.
  • Resolve: Reflects a firm decision and unwavering commitment.
  • Venture: Implies taking risks and moving forward boldly.
  • Plunge: Describes a swift and daring action, often into the unknown.

Example Sentences with Hesitate

Here is a list of example sentences with Hesitate:

  1. She didn’t hesitate to express her opinion during the meeting.
  2. When faced with a challenge, he tends to hesitate before taking action.
  3. The athlete didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to score a goal.
  4. In a moment of uncertainty, she began to hesitate about her decision.
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.
  6. His hesitation was evident in his delayed response.
  7. The sudden hesitate of the car surprised the passengers.
  8. When it comes to innovation, companies cannot afford to hesitate.
  9. I watched him hesitate before making a choice.
  10. The teacher noticed the student’s hesitation in answering the question.
  11. She tends to hesitate when making important life decisions.
  12. The explorer didn’t hesitate to embark on a dangerous journey.
  13. Their hesitate was short-lived, and they moved forward with determination.
  14. In the face of adversity, his hesitate transformed into determination.
  15. When opportunities arise, seize them without hesitating.

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Recap of what we just learned

  • Hesitate Definition
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  • Hesitate Synonyms
  • Hesitate Antonyms
  • Sentences for Hesitate


In conclusion, hesitate is a word that signifies momentary pause, uncertainty, or reluctance. Its historical roots in Latin suggest a sense of clinging or sticking, which aligns with the concept of delay or indecision. In various real-world scenarios, individuals often find themselves hesitating before making decisions or taking action. If you’re looking for alternatives, synonyms like “pause” and “waver” capture similar sentiments, while antonyms like “decide” and “act” represent the absence of hesitation. Whether you choose to hesitate or proceed with determination, understanding the nuances of this word can enhance your communication and decision-making skills.

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