Health Benefits of Walnut

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For the health conscious consumer, the benefits of Walnut wood are many. Not only do the natural hardwoods have an elegant look, they are also good choices for flooring, furniture and more.

The great thing about walnut is that it is not susceptible to the typical rotting that some hardwood species can endure. Most people will tell you that a dark, wet basement makes for a poor environment for any wood, but there is nothing more relaxing in the winter than to walk into a basement with a few layers of Walnut or pine on the floor and not worry about rotting.

Wood looks better in any type of decorating scheme and the natural look of Walnut and other woods does not suffer with color changes. Walnut wood is popular among homeowners because of its ability to resist staining, dents and scratches. In fact, it is common for people who prefer solid wood flooring to use Walnut instead of other types of solid wood.

Walnut wood is naturally resistant to insects, but it is also easy to keep molds from forming under the surface. It does not rot like other woods will and can be left outdoors in all types of weather without fear of decay taking place.

Walnut is also considered a natural insect repellent. Walnut has been used as bait for centuries and the tree has long since learned how to fend off unwanted insects.

One of the most important natural elements in the wood is the moisture content of the wood. Walnut is considered to be one of the best woods because it is extremely rich in moisture.

Walnut does not warp or age easily due to the fact that the wood has many layers of sap which is very hard to break down. If you have to keep your wooden furniture covered, there is no need to worry because Walnut does not absorb liquids.

The health benefits of Walnut have been known for centuries and continue to be researched today. The benefits of the wood include its resistance to decay, insect infestations and other forms of decay, it is a strong choice for furniture, and even the scent of the tree is pleasant enough to keep many home owners happy in the winter.

Because it is such a dense, hard wood, Walnut is an excellent choice for carving. It is difficult to carve out beautiful designs in other types of woods, but the walnut carving of a few centuries ago is a testament to the strength and durability of the wood.

There is no way that one piece of Walnut furniture will ever go out of style. In fact, people are even finding ways to make decorative pieces out of the wood by using special coatings to protect the wood and prevent warping.

Walnut is known to help the body in many ways as well, and this is just another reason why it makes such an excellent choice for wood for flooring. Since it is an antibacterial wood, it can help fight off bacteria from coming into contact with the body at all times.

Since Walnut is also a strong, hard wood, it is hard to dent it. A lot of people prefer to use it for making cabinets and countertops because the wood will not split, chip or break easily.

Because of its benefits in the treatment of respiratory conditions, it is used in some hospitals around the world. There are a number of hospitals that use it for treating people who are suffering from respiratory problems and asthma.

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