French Verb Envoyer Conjugation, Meaning, Translation, Examples

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In this article, I am going to explain the French verb Envoyer Conjugation, Envoyer synonyms, Example Sentences with Envoyer, Antonyms for Envoyer, meaning and translation.

In the vibrant world of the French language, verbs play a crucial role in conveying actions and expressions. Today, we embark on a linguistic journey to explore the verb “Envoyer.” This versatile verb, meaning “to send,” is an essential part of everyday communication. In this blog post, we’ll delve into its origin, meaning, and comprehensive conjugation in various tenses and moods. By the end of this journey, you’ll have a solid grasp of how to use “Envoyer” effectively.

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Origin and History of Envoyer

The verb “Envoyer” finds its roots in the Latin word “inviare,” which means “to send.” Over the centuries, it evolved into the modern French “Envoyer.” This historical transformation reflects the enduring significance of sending or dispatching messages, items, and information in human communication.

What is the Meaning of Envoyer?

“Envoyer” is a versatile verb in the French language, meaning “to send.” It encompasses various forms of sending, whether it’s sending a letter, an email, a package, or even sending someone on an errand. This versatility makes “Envoyer” an indispensable part of everyday conversation.

Real-World Examples

  1. Sending a Letter: In the phrase “Elle envoie une lettre à son ami” (She sends a letter to her friend), “Envoyer” conveys the act of sending a written message.
  2. Sending an Email: When discussing modern communication, “Il m’envoie un e-mail chaque jour” (He sends me an email every day) highlights the use of “Envoyer” in the digital age.

List of Synonyms (with English Translation)

  1. Expédier – To dispatch
  2. Faire parvenir – To forward
  3. Transmettre – To transmit
  4. Communiquer – To communicate
  5. Passer – To pass
  6. Diriger – To direct
  7. Dépêcher – To hurry
  8. Acheminer – To route
  9. Remettre – To hand over
  10. Lancer – To launch

10 Short Sentences for “Envoyer” in French (with English Translation)

  1. Elle envoie des fleurs à sa mère. (She sends flowers to her mother.)
  2. Ils aiment expédier des colis. (They like to dispatch packages.)
  3. Nous allons transmettre le message. (We are going to transmit the message.)
  4. Il veut communiquer avec son ami. (He wants to communicate with his friend.)
  5. Elle passe un message à son collègue. (She passes a message to her colleague.)
  6. Ils dirigent le projet. (They direct the project.)
  7. Nous devons dépêcher cette livraison. (We need to hurry this delivery.)
  8. Il achemine les marchandises. (He routes the goods.)
  9. Elle remet le rapport au patron. (She hands over the report to the boss.)
  10. Ils vont lancer une nouvelle campagne. (They are going to launch a new campaign.)

Envoyer Conjugation

Now, let’s dive into the comprehensive conjugation of “Envoyer” in various tenses and moods, ensuring you can use it effectively in your French conversations.

Present Indicative

  • Je j’envoie – I send
  • Tu tu envoies – You send
  • Il/elle/on il/elle/on envoie – He/she/one sends
  • Nous nous envoyons – We send
  • Vous vous envoyez – You send
  • Ils/elles ils/elles envoient – They send

Preterite Indicative

  • J’envoyai – I sent
  • Tu envoyas – You sent
  • Il/elle/on envoya – He/she/one sent
  • Nous envoyâmes – We sent
  • Vous envoyâtes – You sent
  • Ils/elles envoyèrent – They sent

Imperfect Indicative

  • Je j’envoyais – I sent / I used to send
  • Tu tu envoyais – You sent / You used to send
  • Il/elle/on il/elle/on envoyait – He/she/one sent / He/she/one used to send
  • Nous nous envoyions – We sent / We used to send
  • Vous vous envoyiez – You sent / You used to send
  • Ils/elles ils/elles envoyaient – They sent / They used to send

Future Indicative

  • Je j’envoierai – I will send
  • Tu tu envoieras – You will send
  • Il/elle/on il/elle/on enverra – He/she/one will send
  • Nous nous enverrons – We will send
  • Vous vous enverrez – You will send
  • Ils/elles ils/elles enverront – They will send

Periphrastic Future Indicative

  • Je vais envoyer – I am going to send
  • Tu vas envoyer – You are going to send
  • Il/elle/on va envoyer – He/she/one is going to send
  • Nous allons envoyer – We are going to send
  • Vous allez envoyer – You are going to send
  • Ils/elles vont envoyer – They are going to send

Conditional Indicative

  • Je j’enverrais – I would send
  • Tu tu enverrais – You would send
  • Il/elle/on il/elle/on enverrait – He/she/one would send
  • Nous nous enverrions – We would send
  • Vous vous enverriez – You would send
  • Ils/elles ils/elles enverraient – They would send

Present Progressive/Gerund Form

  • envoyant – Sending

Past Participle

  • envoyé – Sent

Present Subjunctive

  • Que je j’envoie – That I send
  • Que tu tu envoies – That you send
  • Qu’il/elle/on qu’il/elle/on envoie – That he/she/one sends
  • Que nous que nous envoyions – That we send
  • Que vous que vous envoyiez – That you send
  • Qu’ils/elles qu’ils/elles envoient – That they send

Imperfect Subjunctive

  • Que je j’envoyasse – That I sent
  • Que tu tu envoyasses – That you sent
  • Qu’il/elle/on qu’il/elle/on envoyât – That he/she/one sent
  • Que nous que nous envoyassions – That we sent
  • Que vous que vous envoyassiez – That you sent
  • Qu’ils/elles qu’ils/elles envoyassent – That they sent


  • Envoie – Send (informal singular)
  • Envoyons – Let’s send (or Send, formal plural)
  • Envoyez – Send (formal singular/plural)


In this linguistic exploration, we’ve unraveled the intricacies of the French verb “Envoyer.” From its historical roots to its versatile usage in everyday communication, “Envoyer” is a fundamental element of the French language. Whether you’re sending a letter, an email, or simply conveying a message, this verb empowers you to express these actions effectively.

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