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Flimsy Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

Flimsy Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

In this article, I am going to provide a list of Flimsy synonyms, another word for Flimsy, Example Sentences with Flimsy and Antonyms for Flimsy.

In the realm of substance and reliability, the term “flimsy” emerges as a word that points to something delicate, weak, or lacking in solidity. To describe something as flimsy is to highlight its vulnerability and lack of durability, often implying that it may not withstand the test of time or pressure.

Imagine holding a piece of paper that tears at the slightest touch – that’s a clear instance of encountering something flimsy, something that requires careful handling to avoid damage.

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Origin and History of “Flimsy”

The word “flimsy” finds its origins in the Dutch word “vlams,” which means “feeble” or “frail.” Over time, its meaning expanded to encompass the notion of something that lacks strength or substance.

Real-World Examples of Flimsy

  1. Construction Material: The builder realized that the material used for the makeshift shelter was flimsy when it failed to protect against even a light rain. The fragile material collapsed under minimal pressure.
  2. Argument: His explanation for being late was flimsy at best – he claimed a sudden gust of wind had delayed him, which raised eyebrows among his colleagues.

List of Flimsy Synonyms (Another Word for Flimsy)

Here is the list of Flimsy Synonyms:

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List of Antonyms for Flimsy

Here is the list of of opposite words for Flimsy:

Example Sentences with Flimsy

Here is a list of example sentences with Flimsy:

  1. The flimsy tent offered little protection against the strong wind, causing it to collapse within minutes.
  2. The student’s flimsy excuse for not completing the assignment was met with skepticism by the teacher.
  3. The flimsy bridge swayed under the weight of the pedestrians, causing some to fear crossing it.
  4. The flimsy packaging couldn’t withstand the impact during shipping, leading to damaged items.
  5. His flimsy alibi couldn’t hold up under questioning, leading the investigators to suspect his involvement.
  6. The flimsy fabric tore easily when caught on a sharp edge, revealing its lack of durability.
  7. The architect chose a more robust material for the foundation to avoid using a flimsy material prone to cracking.
  8. The flimsy umbrella offered minimal protection during the heavy rain, leaving him drenched.
  9. The author’s flimsy argument lacked concrete evidence and logical reasoning, weakening the overall thesis.
  10. The flimsy rowboat struggled to navigate the rough waters, causing concern for the safety of the passengers.

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Encountering the term flimsy reminds us of the delicate nature of certain things in our lives – from materials to arguments. While there’s a certain charm in the delicate, it’s important to recognize when strength and reliability are necessary. By understanding the nuances of fragility, we can navigate the world around us with greater care and consideration. ??️

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