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Feasible Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

Feasible Synonyms, Antonyms, Example Sentences

In this article, I am going to provide a list of Feasible synonyms, another word for Feasible, Example Sentences with Feasible and Antonyms for Feasible.

Feasible, a term often used to describe something that is practical, possible, or achievable. It signifies the potential for a plan or idea to be realized successfully. Imagine you’re presented with a project that can be accomplished without overwhelming challenges or obstacles – that’s when the word “feasible” comes into play. For instance, launching a new product line within the company’s current resources might be considered feasible, as it doesn’t strain the budget or manpower excessively.

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Origin and History of “Feasible”

The word “feasible” finds its roots in the Latin term “facibilis,” which means “that which can be done.” Over time, this term evolved into “feasible” in English, maintaining its essence of indicating possibility and practicality. The concept of feasibility has been crucial throughout history in determining the viability of various endeavors.

Real-World Examples of Feasible

Example 1: In the world of urban planning, constructing a new subway system in a densely populated city might not be a feasible project due to the high costs and potential disruptions. However, implementing a bike-sharing program as an alternative mode of transportation could be a feasible solution that’s both practical and achievable.

Example 2: When considering environmental conservation, transitioning to 100% renewable energy sources for an entire country might seem challenging. On the other hand, introducing solar panels and wind turbines in specific regions can be a feasible approach to gradually reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

List of Feasible Synonyms (Another Word for Feasible)

Here is the list of Feasible Synonyms:

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List of Antonyms for Feasible

Here is the list of of opposite words for Feasible:

Example Sentences with Feasible

Here is a list of example sentences with Feasible:

  1. The team considered various options, but only one appeared feasible for the tight deadline.
  2. After analyzing the budget, the CFO deemed the expansion plan economically feasible.
  3. Implementing the new software system seemed challenging at first, but it proved to be feasible with the right resources.
  4. The project’s success hinged on finding a feasible solution to the supply chain issues.
  5. The research highlighted several potential strategies, but only a few were truly feasible given the available data.
  6. The design team brainstormed ideas and quickly discarded those that weren’t feasible within the project scope.
  7. Despite initial doubts, the team managed to turn the ambitious proposal into a feasible action plan.
  8. The entrepreneur’s pitch was convincing, showcasing how the innovative concept was both imaginative and feasible.
  9. The city council debated the options for the new park layout, seeking a feasible compromise between aesthetics and functionality.
  10. The feasibility study provided valuable insights into which expansion strategies were financially feasible for the company’s growth.

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In essence, the term “feasible” encapsulates the essence of practicality and potential. It represents the bridge between ideas and reality, signifying what can truly be accomplished given the resources, constraints, and circumstances. Synonymous with attainable, viable, and realistic, “feasible” guides decision-making across a plethora of domains, from business ventures to social initiatives.

Understanding the concept of feasibility empowers us to navigate complex challenges and discover innovative solutions while keeping our feet firmly planted in the realm of what is achievable and practical. So, the next time you’re presented with a plan or project, remember to assess its feasibility before embarking on the journey. After all, the feasibility of an idea often determines its success and impact. ?

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