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5 Best Design Invitation Card Android Apps

5 Best Design Invitation Card Android Apps

If you are searching for one of the best deign invitation card android apps then no further worry about it. In this blog post, I am going to provide you 5 best design invitation card android apps for your smartphone.

People used to invite others to gatherings using papered invitation cards back in the old days. However, papered invitation cards are not eco-friendly, and most of the world’s population is moving towards environment-friendly solutions. Additionally, having papered cards designed and printed was an uphill task that took several days. These processes also cost significant money, which was not affordable for everyone. 

The most complicated task with such cards was their delivery to the recipients. The trend of eCards became popular among the masses because of the ease they offered. These cards were easy to send and receive. People could send these cards through email, MMS, or messenger applications. However, people still required someone to design eCards according to their desire, which took significant time. However, things have changed now.

Smartphone apps are available that can help you design custom cards quickly and get done with the invitations process for any event. Whether you want to invite your friends or family members to a birthday or wedding, colleagues to a formal dinner, or prospects to an event related to your business affairs, these apps can help you design custom invitations. We have discussed a few useful Android apps to help you.

What is Design Invitation Card android app?

Design Invitation Card Android App is a mobile application that allows users to create customized invitation cards for various events and occasions.

The app provides a user-friendly interface with a variety of pre-designed templates, fonts, and graphics to choose from, making the invitation card designing process easy and fun. Users can also personalize their invitations by adding their own text and images.

List of 5 Best Design Invitation Card Android Apps

Planning an event and need a visually stunning invitation card? Look no further than this list of the 5 best design invitation card Android apps. These apps offer an array of customization options, pre-designed templates, and intuitive interfaces to help you create a one-of-a-kind invitation for any occasion.

  1. Invitation Maker – Card Creator
  2. Evite
  3. Canva
  4. Invitation Card Maker & RSVP
  5. Poply: Party Invitation Maker

Detail about Design Invitation Card Android Apps

1. Invitation Maker – Card Creator

Think of an invitation card for the event you are hosting, personal or formal; this app has got you covered. Whether you are hosting a pool party or BBQ, this app can help you design a beautiful invitation. You can get hundreds of invitation design templates from this invitation card maker free application. Search for the event you are hosting, and it will display all the design templates for invitations according to the event. The design and editing features available in this app are top-notch. 

You will be amazed to see how many advanced features this greeting cards maker offers to help you design a beautiful custom invitation. For example, you can add multiple HD images to your design draft to make a bespoke invitation. This app stands out because it can help you design perfect invitations for official meets and greets like a farewell party or milestone achievement dinner. 

You will get design templates for all events you can think of through this party invitation card maker free of cost. Additionally, its interface is highly convenient for common users.  

2. Evite

Evite is an amazing app that can help you design compelling invitations that are hard to decline. Various free and premium invitation templates are available on this app. You just have to choose the event category you are planning, and it will display various templates for you. You can choose any of those templates to create a compelling invitation for people you plan to invite to the event or gathering you host. 

The Evite app allows users to create invitation cards for any gathering, from bridal showers to baby showers, birthdays to wedding receptions, and farewells to promotion parties. You will find all the options in this app. This app offers multiple designing and editing options to allow users to customize invitations. It also allows users to enable recipients to share invitations with others. Therefore, this app can be a perfect fit for people looking to design invitation cards. 

3. Canva

You may have heard the name of this app before because it helps users design various things. However, this app can also help you design beautiful invitations on your Android smartphone. You can find various pre-designed templates by searching for the event. Once you find the design template for invitations, you can customize it according to your needs and send it to the recipients. This app’s friendly user interface (UI) is the best part.

The editing features are also usable; you can easily understand the features and customize your invitations accordingly. The design features are so flexible that you can place your desired image as the background of the invitation for a highly customized design. Hence, this design app perfectly serves the purpose of an invitation maker for you. You can create a beautiful and custom invitation after using this app. 

4. Invitation Card Maker & RSVP

You may not have heard the name of this app much, but let us tell you that this app can be a great companion if you want to design some catchy invitation cards. This card maker app is free and offers various invitation templates for multiple events. You can browse these templates and pick the one that fits your needs. 

Once you have chosen the template for the invitation, this app will help you customize it perfectly. The interface of this app is simple and easy to understand. You can easily add all the information you want. Moreover, you can change colors according to your design sense. Therefore, this app will allow you to do all the necessary design modifications to help you create a perfect invitation.

5. Poply: Party Invitation Maker

The last entry in our list of top 5 invitation maker apps for Android smartphones is Poply. Just like its name, the app itself is amazing. This app will allow you to create unique and visually stunning invitations for all the events you can imagine.

So whether it is a wedding anniversary or birthday party, this invitation maker has got you covered. In addition to some highly amazing design features for custom invitations, this free app is packed with many features and options.

As a host, you get to see plenty of options, and if you are sharing the invitation through email, the guests will also have plenty of options like further sharing and RSVP. All these features and options make it a perfect invitation maker app.

Why should you install a Design Invitation Card Android app?

Customization: A Design Invitation Card Android app allows you to create an invitation card that perfectly fits the style and theme of your event. You can customize the layout, fonts, graphics, and colors to create a unique and personalized invitation.

Convenience: With a Design Invitation Card Android app, you can create an invitation card anytime, anywhere, without the need for a computer or specialized software. You can design your invitation on the go, saving time and effort.

Cost-effective: Creating an invitation card using a Design Invitation Card Android app is much more cost-effective than hiring a professional designer or purchasing pre-designed invitations. These apps offer a wide range of templates, fonts, and graphics to choose from, and many of them are free to use.

Eco-friendly: By using a Design Invitation Card Android app, you can eliminate the need for paper invitations, which can be wasteful and harmful to the environment. You can easily send digital invitations to your guests via email or social media.

Professional-looking results: A Design Invitation Card Android app offers professional-looking results without the need for professional design skills. These apps provide user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to create high-quality, visually appealing invitations that will impress your guests.


Designing invitation cards for any event is not difficult anymore. All you have to do is choose the right app for this purpose, and you can design some beautiful invitations in a few minutes. We have discussed a few highly efficient, cost-effective, and friendly Android apps that can help you design custom invitations for various personal and professional events. 

Hopefully, you will like the information in this article and use one of these apps to design custom invitations through your smartphone!

Did you install one of the best Design Invitation Card Android Apps? Which app do you use to make your deigns look nice? If you enjoy this app, please rate it on the Google Play Store and tell others about it. Thank you!

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