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Common Spelling Problems in English

Common Spelling Problems in English

In this article I will teach you about Common Spelling Problems in English.

In this informative article, you’ll delve into the world of Common Spelling Problems in English language learning. Discover strategies to enhance your understanding of these prevalent challenges, empowering you to spell with greater confidence and accuracy.

Indeed, the task of spelling words in English poses significant challenges. Interestingly, even native English speakers often encounter difficulties in spelling accurately. A key factor contributing to this issue is the stark contrast between the way many English words are pronounced and how they are spelled. This disparity between pronunciation and spelling leads to widespread confusion. A prime illustration of this is the combination “ough”:

  1. Tough – pronounced as “tuf” (with the ‘u’ sound similar to ‘cup’)
  2. Through – pronounced as “throo”
  3. Dough – pronounced as “doe” (with a long ‘o’)
  4. Bought – pronounced as “bawt”
  5. Cough – pronounced as “koff”
  6. Though – pronounced as “thoh”
  7. Hiccough – pronounced as “hik-up”
  8. Slough – pronounced as “sl-ow” (with a soft ‘s’ sound)
  9. Plough – pronounced as “plow”
  10. Through – pronounced as “throo”
  11. Thorough – pronounced as “thur-oh”
  12. Bough – pronounced as “bow” (like the bow of a ship)
  13. Thoroughbred – pronounced as “thur-oh-bred”
  14. Rough – pronounced as “ruff”
  15. Borough – pronounced as “bur-oh”

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Common Spelling Problems in English

Here are some most Common Spelling Problems in English:

Three Syllables Pronounced as Two Syllables

Four Syllables Pronounced as Three Syllables

Words That Sound the Same (Homophones)

Same Sounds – Different Spellings

‘Eh’ as in ‘Let’:

  1. let
  2. bread
  3. said
  4. head
  5. dead
  6. spread
  7. thread
  8. ahead
  9. bedspread
  10. widespread

‘Ai’ as in ‘I’:

  1. I
  2. sigh
  3. buy
  4. either
  5. height
  6. might
  7. sight
  8. fight
  9. right
  10. tight

Silent letter problem when pronounced

Problem with Unusual Letter Combinations


In conclusion, mastering the intricacies of English spelling is a formidable yet essential endeavor. By recognizing and understanding common spelling challenges, learners can empower themselves to communicate more accurately and confidently in written English.

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