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Can Hard Water Cause Hair loss?

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Can Hard Water Cause Hair loss? If you’ve been washing your hands before and noticed a white film on them, this could be the result of hard water.

Now, think about what it’s going to do to your hair—the answer is Damage.

It’s because hard water is a source of minerals like magnesium and calcium. The result is a layer of film that forms on hair, making water unable to get through.

In the end, the hair ends up dry and susceptible to breaking. If you don’t address these issues, it may result in hair loss.

However, there are methods you can employ to stop the effects. Read on to learn more about these methods to save hair.

The effects of hard water on hair

Although hard water isn’t harmful to your skin, there are certain disadvantages to skin and hair.

One 2016 study by the Trusted Source, which involved 15 females, discovered that stiff water damages hair. It was found following the washing of hair samples with both hard and distillate water for 30 days.

The study concluded that at the end of the survey, hairs from the hard water samples had diminished in thickness and had an unruly appearance.

Other hair issues you might get from washing your hair with hard water are:

A few people have suffered hair loss because of hair breaking.

Issues in the short term can turn into problems that last a long time

Can Hard Water Cause Hair loss

“These short-term issues will turn into long-term problems that will inevitably affect healthy hair growth as well,” says the master hairstylist Marshall Lin.

One study by Trusted Source with 70 males revealed hair loss of strength after being subjected to hard water in contrast to deionized water. In turn, this resulted in hair breaking. If the hair’s structure is weak, it begins to thin.

Hard water can also make the job of your hair colorist tougher, says Mara Roszak, the famous hairstylist and salon owner. If the hair is hard to handle, “this leads to more stress on the hair overall.”

Additionally, Dr. Patrick Angelos, author of “The Science and Art of Hair Restoration,” claims that hair loss can be triggered when hard water is severely damaging the scalp. However, this is more common among people suffering from the condition known as eczema or Psoriasis.

How do I repair hair damaged by hard water? damaged by hard water

If you’re trying to bring the hair that’s been damaged back to its former glory, These methods should work.

Install a showerhead

The soft water is the reverse of hard water. Although it does contain some minerals, its concentration isn’t nearly the same as hard water.

It’s also cleaner and healthier. Although the best way to clean the water you drink is to put in water softeners in your home, it can cost a bit.

An economical alternative is to buy a water softener head for showers.

“These [shower heads] have cartridges that are filled with carbon to remove the minerals before the water touches the hair,” says Martino Cartier, hairstylist and the owner of Martino Cartier Salon. Martino Cartier Salon.

Make use of a clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo may help to restore hair damaged from hard water, According to Maria Elizabeth, the proprietor of Salon deZen.

“The best way to restore the hair to its former glory is to remove the mineral buildup,” Elizabeth states.

Make sure to use it at least twice a week and pick the one “that focuses on this issue and not just removal of styling product buildup,” Elizabeth clarifies.

Make use of a hair-care mask.

Restore shine and moisture into your locks by applying a nourishing hair mask at least twice each week.

“Make sure you’re massaging well into the scalp and working it through to the tips of your hair,” Lin suggests. “Leave masks on for a minimum of 5 minutes.”

You can also soften your hair using the use of a leave-in conditioner. Elizabeth suggests using one with low acidity. “This will help to close the cuticles back down, locking the moisture in and the minerals out.”

Can Hard Water Cause Hair loss

Try vinegar and a lemon rinse.

To protect yourself from the damage of hard water, begin at the scalp.

“You’ll find that a mixture of water, vinegar, and a citrus juice of some sort is a good natural solution for treatment,” Lin states.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent option because it reduces hair pH and contains healthy vitamins, including Vitamins B and C.

How do you wash your hair with hard water?

Do you get to shower using hard water? It’s good news that you can prevent harm with these hair-washing methods.

Begin by focusing on your hair, Cartier says. If you’re using a clarifying shampoo, select preferably sulfate-free one.

This can help eliminate any excess oil or debris without stripping hair.

Suppose loss of hair is an issue for the Doctor. Angelos says to rinse hair in the direction of natural growth “from the crown forward toward the forehead.”

Then, Paul Labrecque, celebrity hairstylist and artistic director of Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa, advises you to make sure that your hair is thoroughly cleaned before applying the conditioner.

If you’re brave enough, Labrecque suggests ending your bath or shower by soaking in cold water to protect your cuticles.


Hair damage can be treated where it starts -the water source, that is.

With the minerals present in hard water, leaving your hair dry, brittle, and difficult for you to maintain, it’s essential to act.

You can reduce the consequences of hard water using a softener for water or the latest hair-washing techniques. Whatever you choose, your hair will be grateful to you.

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