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What is another word for Angry? Sentences, Antonyms and Synonyms for Angry

What is another word for Angry

In this article, I am going to provide a list of another word for Angry, 50 Sentences with Angry and Antonyms for Angry.

In the spectrum of human emotions, anger holds a significant place. The word “angry” allows us to express feelings of intense displeasure or frustration. In this blog post, we will explore the origin and history of the term, delve into its meaning, provide real-world examples, present a comprehensive list of synonyms and antonyms, and offer 50 sentences showcasing the usage of “angry.”

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Origin and History of “Angry”

The word “angry” has its roots in the Old Norse word “angr,” which means “grief” or “sorrow.” Over time, the term evolved to describe the intense emotional state characterized by feelings of displeasure, resentment, or frustration. Its usage in the English language has since become commonplace, enabling individuals to express their anger effectively.

What is the meaning of Angry?

“Angry” is an adjective that describes a strong emotional state characterized by feelings of displeasure, irritation, or rage. It represents an intense reaction to a perceived wrongdoing or frustration. When someone is angry, they may experience increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and a desire to express their displeasure or seek resolution.

Real-World Examples of Angry

Mary became angry when her colleague took credit for her idea during the meeting. She expressed her frustration and demanded acknowledgment for her contribution.

The customer grew angry when the restaurant served cold food despite his specific request for it to be hot. He complained to the manager and asked for a refund.

List of synonyms/another word for Angry

  1. Furious
  2. Enraged
  3. Wrathful
  4. Incensed
  5. Irritated
  6. Mad
  7. Fuming
  8. Livid
  9. Infuriated
  10. Outraged
  11. Raging
  12. Indignant
  13. Resentful
  14. Vexed
  15. Provoked

List of antonyms for Angry

  1. Calm
  2. Content
  3. Serene
  4. Peaceful
  5. Delighted
  6. Pleased
  7. Happy
  8. Satisfied
  9. Amused
  10. Contented

50 Sentences with Angry

Here is a list of 50 Sentences with Angry:

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  1. The child became angry when her toy was taken away by her sibling.
  2. The employee was furious when his promotion was given to someone less qualified.
  3. The driver became enraged after being cut off in traffic.
  4. She was wrathful when she discovered her personal belongings had been stolen.
  5. His constant interruptions during the meeting left his colleagues irritated.
  6. The customer was mad at the poor customer service received at the store.
  7. The news of the company’s bankruptcy left the employees fuming.
  8. He was livid when he discovered his car had been towed.
  9. The unfair treatment she received from her boss left her infuriated.
  10. The social media post sparked outrage among the online community.
  11. The continuous delays of the project provoked the project manager.
  12. The politician’s scandalous behavior left the public outraged.
  13. The student was indignant at receiving an unfair grade on the exam.
  14. His sarcastic remarks left her resentful and hurt.
  15. The constant teasing from her classmates vexed her.
  16. The broken promises from the government provoked widespread anger.
  17. The news of corruption in the organization left the employees furious.
  18. The disrespectful behavior of the customer made the salesperson incensed.
  19. The mishandling of the situation by the authorities left the community enraged.
  20. The constant interruptions during the presentation made the speaker increasingly irritated.
  21. The customer service representative had to deal with a stream of livid callers.
  22. The offensive comments on social media left her feeling outraged.
  23. The mistreatment of animals by the company led to public indignation.
  24. The rude behavior of the driver on the road left everyone in the car resentful.
  25. The constant noise from the construction site made the residents fuming.
  26. The unfair judgment in the court case left the defendant seething with anger.
  27. The delayed delivery of the package left the customer absolutely furious.
  28. The dishonesty of her friend made her extremely wrathful.
  29. The disrespectful behavior of the student towards the teacher provoked disciplinary action.
  30. The mismanagement of funds by the organization left the donors infuriated.

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In conclusion, the word “angry” is a powerful adjective that encapsulates intense feelings of displeasure, frustration, and resentment. It allows individuals to express their emotions and communicate their dissatisfaction effectively. Through real-world examples, we see how anger manifests in various situations. Exploring synonyms and antonyms expands our linguistic repertoire, enabling us to express different degrees and nuances of anger. Finally, the list of 50 sentences demonstrates the versatility of the word “angry” in context. By understanding and appropriately utilizing synonyms and antonyms, we can communicate our emotions with precision, ultimately fostering better understanding and resolution.

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