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50 Types of Birds with Names and Images

Top Beautiful Birds

Animal life is classified into both vertebrates and non-vertebrates. In vertebrates, we have amphibians, reptiles, birds, etc.

All about birds, they can be categorized as the living being which is characterized by:

  • Feathers
  • Beak with no teeth
  • Metabolic rate
  • Laying hard-shelled eggs

They have a four-chambered heart and they are light weight but they have a strong skeleton. Take a look at the range of beautiful birds list that we may or may not know of.

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In the categories of common birds, eagle is one that belongs to a family of Accipitridae.

Almost 80 species of eagles are from Africa and Eurasia. Even 18 species are found from Central, South America, North America and Australia. Their major categories are Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles.

Eagles are known as large powerfully bird of prey with heavy head and beak. Most eagles are larger than vultures. Eyes of eagles are powerful; it has 3.6 times human acuity for marital eagle. Eagles nest are called eyries and are built on high cliffs and tall trees.

Eagles can hunt species heavier than own weight. Fish is the super food for eagles but they also like to eat small mammals like rabbits, snakes, squirrels and raccoons. Eagles need average 1 pound daily. As food may not available daily, they have quality to save food up to 2 pounds in nests to eat in rainy days, allowing them to survive without finding food every day.

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How much can an eagle carry?

An eagle can easily carry about 1/3 its weight. Although eagles have the facility to kill prey, over their own size, eagles can only hold tightly a number of pounds.

How large is an eagle’s stomach?

An eagle’s abdomen is short, similar to a walnut. However, eagles will eat up to 1/3 of their own weight in food. They have an area known as the crop to store food, permitting them to survive while not finding food every day.


In the kinds of pet birds, a parrot is one. The scientific name of parrot is Psittaciformes. They belong to a family of Psittacopasserae.

These are mostly found in subtropical and tropical regions. They have 372 species and 96 are general and 11 of them are rare.

Their size ranges from 4.5 to 35 inches and a weight of about 2.35 to 48 ounces. These birds live in groups called flocks and each flock contains about 25 -50 parrots.

They eat nuts, fruit, flowers, buds, seeds and insects etc. The clutches of parrot contains only two eggs and the incubation period is about 18-30 days. A newborn parrot is blind for the primary period of time. A chick becomes fully mature only by 1- 4 years depending on species. The lifespan of a parrot varies from 45- 85 years.

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According to the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS), the taxonomy of parrots is:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Psittaciformes
  • Family: Psittacidae


  • Hummingbird is a small bird
  • Hummingbird is a family member of Trochilidae.
  • Scientific name is also Trochilidae.
  • Hummingbirds are primarily migratory.
hummingbird nest bee hummingbird hummingbird drawing hummingbird lifespan hummingbird species hummingbird size hummingbird habitat hummingbirds facts

These are the smallest birds which range from 7.3 to 12 cm. These are called as hummingbirds because when their wings flap, just before flying, a humming sound is made. They can fly in all directions.

Their primary food is tree sap, pollen, Sugar-water, fruit flies drawn to rotting bananas insects and flower nectar. Clutch size contains about 1-3 eggs. Young starts to fly in 18-30 days. Nests in trees. Will not use a nest box.


Common names of Peafowl is the peacock which is treated as both pet and wild bird. There are two Asiatic species blue for Indian peafowl originally from Indian and Sri Lanka, other from Burma which is green in color.

The specific feature of their feather is that it is marked with eyespots. Peacocks are very beautiful birds that amaze us.

They eat flower petals, parts of plants, seed heads and insects.

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  • Peafowl is omnivores.
  • The plumage of peafowl is a mixture of brown, green and dull grey.
  • These are also domesticated.
  • The crest is seen atop the head of both sexes.
  • The family of peafowl is called as Bevy.
  • They can fly very high.
  • There are three major color of peafowls, blue, green and white.


  • The name of this bird is from Portuguese.
  • Toucans mass ranges between 130 g -680 g.
  • Toucans length lie in between 11.5 inches to 29 inches.
  • Its tail is rounded and varies in length.
  • Its wings are very small.
  • Its neck is thick and short with white spot.
  • These birds travel only short distances.
  • Its tongue varies from 14-15 cm.
  • They lay white eggs from 2-21 days.
  • Toucans are omnivores.
  • Toucan’s primary foods are fruits, insects, and small lizards.
toco toucan toucan lifespan where do toucans live toucan habitat toucan diet toucan adaptations toucan species toucan baby
toco toucan toucan lifespan where do toucans live toucan habitat toucan diet toucan adaptations toucan species toucan baby

Toucan belongs to a family of Ramphastidae. Toucan’s lives in sub-tropical and tropical regions and are a native of Central America, Southern Mexico, the northern portion of the Caribbean region and South America. These are generally found in pairs.

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This family is derived from Greek which means footless. Swift belongs to a family of Apodidae. Most of Swifts eat insects, such as aerial spiders, dragonflies, flies, ants, aphids, wasps and bees.

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  • Swift birds can fly about 169 km/h.
  • Swift can cover at least 200,000 km in a single year.
  • They have the flexibility of changing their angle between wingtip bones.
  • The birds can rotate their wings from the base.
  • Swift has large wing tip bones.
  • They weigh from 5.4 g- 184 g.
  • The length range 9 cm- 25 cm.
  • Eggs hatch after 19-23 days.
  • These are incubated by both parents.
common swift swallows and swifts swift bird speed swift bird nest swift bird facts swift bird symbolism swift bird sleep while flying swift bird food


Kingfisher belongs to a family of Alcedinidae and has three sub families like Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae, and Cerylidae. They generally feed on fish and a wide range of prey.

They love to live near rivers to eat fish, dragonflies, bees, reptiles and frogs. Their nests are in cavities; tunnels dug into artificial banks in the ground.

  • There are about 90 species in kingfishers.
  • Kingfisher has a large head, sharp, long and pointed bills with short legs.
  • These are mostly found in forests in tropical regions.
  • Average mass of king fisher is about 10.4 g.
  • Average length of king fisher is about 45 cm.
  • Largest king fisher has weight 356 g and length 45 cm.
  • The plumage of most kingfishers is bright, in blue and green.
  • Their eggs are white and glossy.
  • They lay 10 and average of 3-6 eggs.
  • Incubation is worked both male and female.
belted kingfisher common kingfisher kingfisher owner kingfisher uk kingfisher habitat river kingfisher kingfisher food kingfisher facts

8. Columbidae

Pigeons and doves are family members of Columbidae. There are about 310 species of doves available. These are considered as symbols of love. These species eat generally fruits and seeds. They live mostly in tropical nature and woodlands and are adjustable to any nature.

domestic pigeon pigeon wikipedia pigeon bird information pigeon vs dove columbidae breeds columbidae species
  • Average weight of these species is 900g – 2.1 Kg
  • The length of their body ranges for adult male 55 cm.
  • Clutch size is about only 1
  • Incubation is done by both parents.
  • Usually males are separated by their Woo-Hoo sounds.
domestic pigeon pigeon wikipedia pigeon bird information pigeon vs dove columbidae breeds columbidae species


Penguin belongs to a family of Sphenisciformes. The scientific name of penguin is Spheniscidae.

  • In the water, it can dive at a speed of 6-9 km/h.
  • Body mass of penguin is about 38kg.
  • Height for little penguins is about 33 cm.
  • Height for Galapagos penguins is about 49cm.
  • Height for emperor penguins is about 1.1-1.3m.
  • Life span of a penguin is 20 years.
emperor penguin penguins facts where do penguins live little penguin are penguins mammals penguins habitat what do penguins eat penguin information


The scientific name is Picidae and belongs to a family of Picidae. They mostly live in New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, New Guinea and extreme Polar Regions. Their favorite food is insects and dead trees.

  • Woodpeckers are generally black, red, yellow and white in colour.
  • There are about 200 species.
  • They can peck 20 times per second.
  • Their nest contains 2-5 eggs
  • Their incubation period is about 11-14 days.
  • They love to live alone.
  • The length of Woodpeckers ranges from 7 in to 9 in.
pileated woodpecker great spotted woodpecker woodpecker nest woodpecker species woodpecker lower classifications woodpecker facts woodpecker beak woodpecker video


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