50 Sentences with Murmur

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In this article, I am going to provide a list of “50 Sentences with Murmur“.

Welcome to our blog post on “50 Sentences with Murmur.” In this article, we will delve into the origin and history of the word “murmur,” explore its various meanings, provide synonyms and antonyms, and present two real-world examples to illustrate its usage. So, let’s dive in!

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Origin and History

The word “murmur” traces its roots back to Latin, derived from the term “murmurare,” meaning “to murmur” or “to rumble.” It made its way into the English language during the late 14th century, and over time, it has gained a broader range of connotations and applications.

What is the meaning of Murmur?

As a verb, “murmur” refers to the soft or low continuous sound made by a group of people, animals, or objects. It can also describe the act of speaking in a low, indistinct, or discontented voice. As a noun, it signifies a low, continuous sound or the act of murmuring itself.

Synonyms for Murmur:

  1. Whisper: The children whispered among themselves, creating a gentle murmur in the classroom.
  2. Mutter: He muttered his complaints under his breath, his discontent evident in his murmurs.
  3. Mumble: The old man mumbled to himself, his words barely audible.
  4. Rustle: The leaves rustled in the wind, creating a soft murmur in the forest.
  5. Susurration: The susurration of the ocean waves provided a soothing murmur on the beach.
  6. Buzz: The bees buzzed around the flowers, their collective murmur filling the air.
  7. Hum: The air conditioner hummed softly, adding to the background murmur in the room.
  8. Drone: The distant sound of the lawnmower’s engine added to the murmur of the neighborhood.
  9. Whir: The spinning fan created a constant whir, merging with the murmur of conversation.
  10. Sigh: The wind sighed through the trees, joining the murmur of nature’s symphony.

Antonyms for Murmur:

  1. Shout: Instead of murmuring, he shouted his opinions, demanding to be heard.
  2. Yell: The coach yelled instructions to the players, overpowering any potential murmur on the field.
  3. Roar: The crowd roared with excitement, drowning out any murmurs of dissent.
  4. Bellow: The angry customer bellowed at the poor service, silencing any murmurs of support.
  5. Scream: The child screamed in fear, shattering the peaceful murmur of the playground.
  6. Exclaim: Instead of murmuring, she exclaimed her joy, unable to contain her excitement.
  7. Announce: The speaker announced the news with a loud voice, suppressing any murmurs of speculation.
  8. Proclaim: The preacher proclaimed his message with a booming voice, silencing any murmurs in the congregation.
  9. Shriek: The unexpected loud noise caused everyone to shriek, erasing any murmurs of conversation.
  10. Clamor: The protesters clamored for change, drowning out any murmurs of complacency.

Real-World Examples of Murmur

  1. The students sat in small groups, engaged in animated discussions, creating a pleasant murmur in the classroom.
  2. As the forest grew dark, the nocturnal creatures began their murmur, their sounds echoing through the night, creating an eerie ambiance.

50 Sentences with Murmur

Here is a list of 50 Sentences with Murmur:

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  1. The attendees murmured excitedly as they awaited the announcement of the winner.
  2. The river flowed quietly, reflecting the murmur of nearby trees and creating a peaceful atmosphere.
  3. She leaned closer to hear the murmur of the waves breaking against the shore.
  4. The murmuring of the crowd grew louder as the performer took the stage.
  5. The old house creaked and murmured in the wind, adding to its eerie charm.
  6. He spoke with a soft murmur, his words barely audible to those around him.
  7. The murmurs of discontent grew among the workers as their demands went unaddressed.
  8. The murmur of distant traffic filled the city streets, a constant background noise.
  9. The wind whispered through the tall grass, creating a soothing murmur in the field.
  10. The lovers sat on the park bench, their murmured conversation filled with affection.
  11. The doctor listened intently to the patient’s chest, deciphering the murmurs of the heart.
  12. The classroom fell into a hushed murmur as the students worked on their assignments.
  13. The trees whispered in the breeze, their gentle murmur adding to the tranquility of the forest.
  14. The city at night was filled with the murmur of nightlife, a symphony of voices and laughter.
  15. The murmurs of the audience subsided as the speaker began their presentation.
  16. The elderly couple held hands, their murmured memories evoking a lifetime of shared experiences.
  17. The soft murmur of the rain on the rooftop provided a soothing soundtrack for sleep.
  18. The murmurs of approval spread through the crowd as the artist unveiled their latest masterpiece.
  19. The café buzzed with the murmur of conversation and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  20. The murmurs of the crowd transformed into cheers as the team scored the winning goal.
  21. The mother sang a lullaby to her baby, her melodic murmur lulling the child to sleep.
  22. The murmur of the waterfall echoed through the canyon, creating a mesmerizing sound.
  23. The elderly man sat alone in the park, listening to the murmur of the passing traffic.
  24. The murmured prayers filled the church, creating an atmosphere of reverence and devotion.
  25. The murmurs of the forest creatures could be heard as night fell, a chorus of nocturnal life.
  26. The murmurs of the audience filled the theater, building anticipation for the start of the play.
  27. The murmur of the air conditioning provided a constant background noise in the office.
  28. The children giggled and murmured secrets, their youthful voices adding to the joyful atmosphere.
  29. The murmurs of the wind through the trees created a sense of serenity in the garden.
  30. The couple sat on the porch, listening to the murmur of raindrops on the roof.
  31. The murmurs of the group grew louder, their dissatisfaction with the decision evident.
  32. The murmured conversation at the dinner table created a warm and intimate setting.
  33. The murmurs of the audience swelled with anticipation as the concert pianist took the stage.
  34. The murmur of the stream provided a soothing backdrop to the hiker’s journey through the woods.
  35. The murmurs of agreement filled the meeting room as the team reached a consensus.
  36. The murmuring of leaves in the wind created a natural symphony in the forest.
  37. The café was filled with the murmur of voices, blending into a harmonious background melody.
  38. The murmured apology came from his lips, sincere and remorseful.
  39. The murmur of distant thunder signaled an approaching storm.
  40. The murmurs of the crowd faded into silence as the speaker began their speech.
  41. The gentle murmur of the ocean waves lulled her into a state of relaxation and tranquility.
  42. The murmured instructions from the coach guided the team to victory.
  43. The murmurs of admiration filled the art gallery as patrons observed the stunning paintings.
  44. The murmuring of leaves underfoot added to the peacefulness of the forest hike.
  45. The couple sat on the park bench, their murmured conversation filled with laughter and affection.
  46. The murmurs of the crowd swelled as the celebrity made an appearance.
  47. The whispered murmur of the wind through the canyon created an otherworldly ambiance.
  48. The murmurs of agreement rippled through the boardroom as the decision was reached.
  49. The murmured prayer brought solace to the grieving family at the funeral.
  50. The murmurs of the audience faded away as the curtain rose, signaling the start of the play.

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In conclusion, the word “murmur” carries with it a sense of softness, tranquility, and subdued communication. Through the exploration of synonyms, antonyms, and real-world examples, we have witnessed the diverse ways in which murmurs can shape our experiences.

Whether it’s the gentle rustle of leaves, the hushed conversations in a café, or the distant murmur of waves, this word captures the essence of subdued sounds and whispered interactions. Murmurs can evoke a sense of peace, anticipation, or shared intimacy.

By incorporating the 50 sentences with “murmur” into our vocabulary, we can appreciate the power and subtlety of this word. It reminds us of the beauty found in softness and the importance of listening closely to the whispers around us.

So, the next time you find yourself in the presence of a murmuring crowd or surrounded by the gentle murmur of nature, take a moment to immerse yourself in the delicate symphony of sound. Let the murmurings add depth, richness, and tranquility to your experiences, and embrace the power of whispered communication.

In the world of murmurs, there is a quiet beauty waiting to be heard and cherished.

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