100 Examples of Complex Sentences

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Complex sentences are an essential component of effective communication, and they are commonly used in both written and spoken language. In this blog post, we will explore 100 examples of complex sentences to help you better understand how to use them in your writing.

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What are complex sentences?

A complex sentence is a sentence that contains an independent clause and at least one dependent clause. The independent clause is a complete sentence that can stand alone, while the dependent clause cannot stand alone and depends on the independent clause to make sense.

Complex sentences are used to express more complicated ideas and add more detail to a sentence.

Real-world examples of complex sentences:

After I finish my work, I will go for a walk.

Explanation: This sentence contains an independent clause (I will go for a walk) and a dependent clause (After I finish my work). The dependent clause cannot stand alone and needs the independent clause to make sense.

Because he forgot his keys, he couldn’t enter the house.

Explanation: This sentence contains an independent clause (he couldn’t enter the house) and a dependent clause (Because he forgot his keys). The dependent clause explains the reason why the independent clause happened.

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100 Examples of Complex Sentences

Here is the list of 100 Examples of Complex Sentences:

  1. Although it was raining, we decided to go for a walk.
  2. As soon as she wakes up, she checks her phone.
  3. Because he was running late, he missed his train.
  4. Even though she was tired, she stayed up late to finish her work.
  5. After she finished her exam, she went to the movies.
  6. Since it was her birthday, she decided to treat herself to a fancy dinner.
  7. Although she loves chocolate, she tries to limit her intake.
  8. If I had more time, I would have gone to the gym.
  9. Because he had a headache, he didn’t go to the party.
  10. After she heard the news, she burst into tears.
  11. Even if it rains, we will still go to the beach.
  12. Since she had to work late, she missed her yoga class.
  13. Although it was expensive, she decided to buy the dress.
  14. As soon as he finishes his project, he plans to take a vacation.
  15. Because he is allergic to peanuts, he can’t eat Thai food.
  16. Even though she was scared, she decided to face her fears.
  17. After he finished his meal, he asked for the check.
  18. Since it was cold outside, she decided to wear a jacket.
  19. Although she is busy, she always makes time for her friends.
  20. If I win the lottery, I will travel the world.
  21. Because he forgot his phone, he couldn’t call for help.
  22. After she got her degree, she started her own business.
  23. Even if it’s late, I will always answer your call.
  24. Since he is on a diet, he can’t eat junk food.
  25. Although it was difficult, she managed to finish the project on time.
  26. As soon as the sun sets, the mosquitoes come out.
  27. Because he lives far away, we don’t see each other often.
  28. After she broke up with her boyfriend, she went on a trip.
  29. Even though it’s hot, she prefers to wear long sleeves.
  30. Since it’s a holiday, the office is closed.
  31. Although she is shy, she can give a great presentation.
  32. If he gets a promotion, he will buy a new car.
  33. Because she is busy, she can’t meet up with you today.
  34. After he got his paycheck, he went shopping.
  35. Even if it’s difficult, she won’t give up.
  36. Since it’s the weekend, I’m going to sleep in.
  37. Although he is young, he is very talented.
  38. As soon as the concert started, the crowd went wild.
  39. Because she loves animals, she volunteers at the shelter.
  40. After he finished his book, he donated it to the library.
  41. Even though it’s risky, she wants to start her own business.
  42. Since he is an athlete, he has to train every day.
  43. Although it’s his favorite movie, he still cries every time he watches it.
  44. If she studies hard, she will pass the exam.
  45. Because he missed the bus, he had to walk home.
  46. After she graduated, she traveled the world.
  47. Even if it’s boring, she will finish the book.
  48. Since it’s a special occasion, she dressed up for the party.
  49. Although she is a vegetarian, she cooked a delicious meat dish for her family.
  50. As soon as he saw her, he knew she was the one.
  51. Because he is a chef, he knows how to make the perfect omelet.
  52. After she finished her speech, the audience gave her a standing ovation.
  53. Even though it’s expensive, he decided to buy the car.
  54. Since she is a teacher, she has to grade papers every night.
  55. Although it’s his first time skiing, he’s not scared.
  56. If he wins the game, he will be the champion.
  57. Because she is afraid of heights, she won’t go on the roller coaster.
  58. After he met her, he couldn’t stop thinking about her.
  59. Even if it’s not perfect, she will still try her best.
  60. Since it’s her favorite color, she painted her room purple.
  61. Although he is tired, he has to finish his work.
  62. As soon as the train arrives, we can board.
  63. Because she is a doctor, she knows how to treat the illness.
  64. After he proposed, she said yes.
  65. Even though it’s dangerous, he wants to climb the mountain.
  66. Since she is a musician, she practices her instrument every day.
  67. Although it’s his day off, he still goes to the gym.
  68. If she gets the job, she will move to a new city.
  69. Because he is busy, he can’t go on vacation this year.
  70. After she finished her meal, she paid the bill.
  71. Even if it’s hard, she will never give up on her dreams.
  72. Since it’s a secret, she can’t tell anyone.
  73. Although she is scared of spiders, she tried to catch one.
  74. As soon as he finished the race, he collapsed from exhaustion.
  75. Because she is a lawyer, she knows the law.
  76. After he finished the book, he recommended it to his friends.
  77. Even though it’s not his fault, he still apologized.
  78. Since it was a long weekend, they decided to go camping.
  79. Although she is busy with work, she still makes time for her family.
  80. If he passes the test, he will graduate.
  81. Because she is allergic to shellfish, she can’t eat sushi.
  82. After he retired, he traveled the world.
  83. Even if it’s inconvenient, she will still help a friend in need.
  84. Since it’s a tradition, they always have turkey for Thanksgiving.
  85. Although he is shy, he can make friends easily.
  86. As soon as the plane lands, we can disembark.
  87. Because she is a writer, she knows how to tell a good story.
  88. After he finished his coffee, he left the café.
  89. Even though it’s far, she wants to visit her friend in Australia.
  90. Since he is an artist, he paints every day.
  91. Although it’s raining, she still goes for a run.
  92. If she practices every day, she will become a great singer.
  93. Because he is a scientist, he conducts experiments in the lab.
  94. After she finished her homework, she watched a movie.
  95. Even if it’s difficult, he will learn to play the guitar.
  96. Since it’s her birthday, she is celebrating with her friends.
  97. Although she is afraid of public speaking, she gave a speech at the conference.
  98. As soon as he finished his project, he submitted it to his boss.
  99. Because she loves to cook, she takes cooking classes on the weekends.
  100. After he finished his meal, he helped with the dishes.

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In conclusion, complex sentences are an essential component of effective communication. By using them in your writing, you can express more complicated ideas and add more detail to your sentences. The 100 examples of complex sentences provided in this blog post should give you a better understanding of how to use them in your own writing.

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